The Learning Centers are staffed by certified teachers who are available to answer questions, clarify concepts, and provide technology support for any assignment in all subjects areas.


West Learning Center


Room 1312

Hours: M-F 7:00 - 4:00


East Learning Center


Room 7026

Hours: M-F 7:00 - 3:30


Testing Center


Room: 1200/1202.

Hours: Monday-Friday



Late Arrival Schedule


The Learning Centers and the Testing Center open

at 10:00 am on Late Arrival.


For more information:

Wendy Custable

(847) 415-4151





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Mandatory Tutoring Program




To help each student be successful, Stevenson High School has a mandatory tutoring intervention program for Freshmen and Sophomores who receive a D or lower in selected courses for any six weeks grading period. Parents are notified by letter that their student is required to attend tutorial sessions. The letter clearly defines the philosophy of the mandatory tutoring program, the student's responsibility, and mandatory tutoring procedures.The student is required to attend a minimum of twelve tutorial sessions during the next six week grading period. At least four of the twelve sessions must be completed prior to the three week progress reports. If the student fails to do so, parents, classroom teachers, and deans will be notified.

Entry Passes and Visit Record are enclosed with the letter. In order to receive credit for a tutorial session, the student must bring both to the tutor. Prior to the tutorial, an Entry Pass must be completed indicating the date and period of the visit, assignments for the session and the classroom teacher's signature. The Visit Record has to be signed by the tutor. The student keeps it and brings it to each session. The Visit Record is the student's proof of attendance. Failure to complete it will result in a disciplinary referral and consequences.

The Learning Center teachers work in close cooperation with the classroom teachers to enhance the student's progress. At the end of the six week grading period, the Learning Center teachers contact each of the content area teachers to determine whether the student should be released from the tutorial program. If not, the student must continue attending tutorial sessions.