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Adlai E. Stevenson High School Library

Serving the information and research needs of approximately
4500 students and 500 staff.

The library is open from 7:00 AM until 4:30 PM on school days.
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Subscription Online Databases:
For Stevenson Students and Staff Only!
Proquest Magazines, newspapers and reference sources including full-text New York Times and historical newspapers, including NYT and Chicago Tribune archives. Newsbank Select newspaper articles, magazine articles, science article digests, full-text Chicago newspapers, newspapers in Spanish, and more. Ebsco Host Magazines, newspapers, reference sources and specialized databases on health, literature and education.

First Search Multiple databases providing scholarly journals, papers, books and web sites.
SIRS Knowledge Source Selected articles from newspapers and magazines on social issues, plus government information. Facts on File World News Digest and Historic Archive, and Issues and Controversies magazine.

CQ Researcher Online magazine providing information on controversial issues.


GaleNet Includes a large Virtual Reference Book Collection, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, Science Resource Center,  Biography Resource Center, LitFinder, and a literary criticism database.

Lindex Index to all Gale's literature reference books.
Oxford English Dictionary Complete full-text of the most comprehensive dictionary of the English Language. CultureGrams Provides geopolitical and cultural  information on all countries, U. S. states and  Canadian provinces. Salem Health Provides information on diseases and conditions as well as other health information. Wilson's Biographies Plus Illustrated Full-text biographies.
Grolier Online New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Mulitmedia, Encyclopedia Americana, El Cumbre spanish language encyclopedia, plus the New Book of Popular Science, and Lands and Peoples.
Encyclopedia Britannica Three full encyclopedias plus web reference links, related journal articles and Webster's Dictionary. World Conflicts Provides information on selected major conflicts in the modern world. ABC/CLIO Social Studies Contains eight databases, World Geography, World History (ancient and modern), American History, American Government, State Geography, United States at War, and Issues (societal), plus
History Reference eBooks.
CIAO Provides information on International Affairs. CSA Contains PsychArticles, full-text articles from psychology journals. JSTOR Provides an archive of backruns of core scholarly journals from many disciplines. Historical Newspapers Provides newspaper archive from NYT, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Defender, and more.

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